Legacy Giving with BGCHC

Plan, to Leave a Legacy.

A planned gift to Boys & Girls Clubs of Henderson County is a way to craft a legacy that positively impacts Henderson County youth.


Donors make planned gifts to BGCHC for a variety of reasons. They may wish to support a program about which they are passionate, to add to the organization’s endowment, or to sustain ongoing operations. Regardless of the objectives, planned gifts allow donors to be intentional about the legacy they leave.

Join the Legacy Society

Members of the Legacy Society are loyal supporters who believe in the mission of Boys & Girls Clubs of Henderson County and want to ensure that it’s valuable, life-changing programs continue to serve future generations. Joining The Legacy Society allows the Club to honor those who have included the Club in their estate plans or who have made other planned gifts. 

Types of planned gifts include: gifts by will or trust, beneficiary designations in retirement accounts and life insurance policies, and charitable trusts.

Legacy Society Spotlight

During their first 10 years of marriage, Al and Marion had developed a personal mission – supporting children who need help the most. Forty-five years later, Al and Marion while still giving, were looking for a way to further their support that also considered their retirement needs. Recently, they attended a presentation at their local Boys & Girls Club and heard about the charitable gift annuity program. “We were excited to learn that there was a way for us to continue our support for the Club, provide for generations of kids to come, and receive guaranteed income we need for our remaining retirement years.”

Thank you to our Legacy Society Members!

David & Maurean Adams
David Adams
John & Julia Adamson
Rosario Alexander-Villarreal
Robert & Janet Anderson
Fred & Jane Astor
Paul Aughtrey, III
Maurine Bagwell
James Banfield
Bob Barnes
Gretchen Batra
John & Jinny Bell, Jr.
Lynette Berry
Robert & Alice Betts
Kevin Black
N.J. & Joan Blessing
Richard Brown
Frank Byrd
Margot Campbell
Ray & Priscilla Cantrell
Eugene & Sallie Carr, III
Donald & Theresa Cayo, Sr.
Mike Charping
Murray Chidester
Gregg & Camille Condon
James Cooper
James & Shirley Crafton
Robert & Ginger Cranford
Thomas & Betsy Darnall, Jr.
Bob Daubert
Ron & Hepsie Davis
Thomas & Jane Davis
John DeGelleke
Brian & Linda Dillon
Gary & Beverly Dillon

Deanne Disbro
Tom & Florence Divine
James Doane
Bob & Mary Ann Dylewski, Jr.
Jeff Egolf
Edwin & Carol Elliott
Harry & Jane Emmerich, Jr.
Robert Farmer
Joe & Gayle Farrar
Thomas & Susan Fazio
Kathleen Fernandez
Edward Foster
Russell & Myrna Gibbs
Celeste Giblin
William Gold
Robert Haggard
Paul & Margaret Handelsman
Jim Herman
Vivian Hoeppner
Suzanne Holbert
James Holditch
Bert Holleran
Bill & Mary Howes
Richard & Patty Hull
Hal & Kathy Hunter
Randy & Alice Hunter
Steve & Jan Jarrell
Charles Johnson
Curt Kain
Lee & Sarah King
Richard & Florence King, III
Michael Klein, Jr.
Hank Kocmond
Gene Kopf

Daniel & Edith Lang
Charles Larus
Kevin & Ellen Lauritsen
John & Barbara Lawless
Samuel & Shirley Leftwich
Thomas & Amanda Lister
R.R. & Jane Livingston
Sandy & Ginny MacNeil
James & Tiffany Marshall, III
Bruce & Melissa Maurer
John & Cathie McFadden
Larry & Nancy McGaughy
Duane & Peggy McKibbin
Mickey Mell
Eleanora Meloun
Charles Merrill
Ronald & Sherri Metzger
Carol Meyer
Barbara Miller
Carol Morrison
Bill & Dot Mullican
Hans & Margo Nagel
Larry & Janice Neely
Greg Newman
Maggi O’Brady
Gwendolyn “Boots” Pedersen Memorial Fund
Marjorie Polhemus
Candy Priest
Bob & Maxine Quattlebaum
William Reese
John Reinhart
Edna Renfrow-Brown
Richard Ringwood

Wyman & Joyce Robb
Tom Rosenberg
Phyllis Rothrock
Marti Royo
Scott & Connie Sahf
Terese Sayers
David & Nancy Shaffer
Stan Shelley
Robert Shelly
Billy & Karen Skelton
Chris Smith
Travis & Florence Smith, Jr.
Nadene Spear
Virginia Spigener
Joseph Stokes
William & Margaret Stricker 
Kevin Tait
Colin & Janet Thomas
Margaret Thomas
Stephen Thomas
Kaye Thompson
Norm & Irene Thoms
James Thorndike, Jr.
Robert Tonjes
Martha Tracy
Virgil & Margaret Wagner
Marshall Warshauer
Douglas Watkins
Lee & Nancy Weber
Harry Weedman
Kenneth Wehr
Gary Weiss
James Winstead, Jr.
Christopher & Michelle Wright
Lavinia Zimmermann

Ways to Give

There are many ways to make a gift to BGCHC in support of local youth.  Below we have outlined the most common options. If you are considering a legacy gift we would be happy to arrange a confidential gift planning consultation, without obligation. If BGCHC is already included in your estate plans, please let us know so we can invite you to join our Legacy Society.

Stacie Marlowe | Director of Development
(828) 693-9444
Our official name is: Boys & Girls Clubs of Henderson County
Taxpayer identification number: 56-1803125


A simple way to make a planned gift is by designating assets to BGCHC in your will or living trust. Bequests can take a variety of forms:
General bequest Gift of a dollar amount or % of assets of the estate.
Specific bequestGift of a designated asset or property.
Residual bequestAfter all debts, expenses and specific bequests have been paid, BGCHC receives a specific dollar amount or a % of the remainder.
Contingent bequestBGCHC becomes a full or partial beneficiary if certain conditions are met, generally family or friends predeceasing the donor.  


Many donors choose to make BGCHC a beneficiary of their retirement plans, such as an IRA, 401(k) 403(b). BGCHC may be designated as the primary, partial or contingent beneficiary. The gift is easy to make or modify through the beneficiary designation form provided by the retirement plan administrator. Gifts of tax-deferred assets avoid the deferred income tax obligation and qualify for a charitable deduction.


BGCHC can be named as a beneficiary of a non-retirement financial account by establishing a transfer at death designation. Assets are transferred directly to BGCHC and avoid probate. 


BGCHC can receive proceeds from a life insurance policy through a variety of gift techniques. Gifts may be revocable or irrevocable and can be affected through a Change of Beneficiary form obtained from one’s insurance provider.


Trusts that benefit BGCHC can be established either during a donor’s lifetime or at the time of death. Often these trusts are used to reduce gift and estate taxes and provide income to beneficiaries. Below are two common options:
Charitable Remainder Trust: A CRT creates current income for beneficiaries and an income tax deduction for the donor.  When the trust ends, principal passes to BGCHC. 
Charitable Lead Trust:  Through a CLT, BGCHC receives income from the trust for a specified period and principal passes to heirs upon trust termination.  

Useful Information

BGCHC does not provide legal or tax advice. This information is intended for education purposes only and should not be considered legal, tax, financial or other professional advice. BGCHC recommends that you seek you own legal, tax, financial and other necessary advice in connection with gift planning matters. To ensure compliance with IRS requirements, this communication (including any attachments) is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of avoiding tax-related penalties.