Planting the Seed

By Paige Boyd

I have been very lucky and extremely blessed in my life. I grew up with a loving, supportive family that raised me to be aware of those who aren’t as blessed, and to give back to my community. As an adult, I volunteered with agencies in Charlotte, Asheville and then eventually back here in Hendersonville. But I always seemed to be searching for the right “fit.” I kept asking, how is this organization making the world a better place? I wasn’t ever truly satisfied with the answer until I found the Boys & Girls Club of Henderson County.

Dreaming out loud

by Julia Hockenberry

Have you ever attempted to make homemade spaghetti sauce in a freshly laundered white linen shirt? The stress is unparalleled. Every step must be calculated, lest you encounter the dreaded stain of tomato infinity.

For example, you mustn’t lean to close to the pot in case one simmering pop splatters your collar. When tasting, only the teensiest and most conservative sips are permitted. No lusty lip-smacking. No gulping with gusto. No extra stirring just for the velvety delight of watching it whirl about in the pot.