Debts of gratitude

By Julia Hockenberry

It’s the day after Christmas. If you’re like me, you’re feeling that strange combination of relief and gratitude, tinged with the gentlest bit of depression. The party is over. Everything is unwrapped, my pants are a bit tight, and there’s a colossal pile of recycling on the carport. Time to get to work.

Like many at this time of year, I develop a condition known as heartwarming-cheesy-holiday-story-fatigue-disorder. Symptoms include eye-rolling, sighing and fake smiling. But this one’s worth it.

The privileges of discilpline

By Julia Hockenberry

Thomas didn’t do it. At least that’s what he says. But he won’t look me in the eye, and he’s kicking my desk with his torn up shoe. In fact, he’s kicking my desk so vigorously that my pencils are rattling in their pottery jug. I’m trying not to show my aggravation, but to be honest, it’s driving me crazy.