Priority Outcomes for Youth Development
Strong Bodies
Youth staying active and eating healthy foods.
Health and Fitness
Programs that promote personal fitness, life balance, and a healthy lifestyle.

Baseball - Cal Ripken Fitness Authority Soccer League
Basketball League Game Room Swimming
Camping Golf Triple Play
Cavity Free Zone Healthy Cooking / Eating Walking Club
Family Fitness Kid Power Whale Tales
First Aid Outdoor Field Trips Yoga / Zumba


Club programs provide members with a minimum of 30 minutes of vigorous play on school days and at least 60 minutes of daily vigorous play throughout the summer session

90% of members say that the Club helps them become more physically fit

Club members completed 10,354 hours of structured fitness programs

Club members were served 50,418 free healthy snacks and 22,227 free healthy meals in 2012

Mind3 “The Club makes me realize that I can do anything if I give my best efforts.”